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  • What is Shiatsu ?

A funny name that literally means finger pressure, Shiatsu is a form of physical bodywork practised on a futon on the floor, on a table, or on a chair. The receiver (or client) is fully dressed as work does not need direct contact with the skin to be effective. What is important is a connection to his or her energy or vitality or chi or ki through the system of the meridian pathways of energy and the acupressure points.

If we show a pattern of dis-harmony we need to look at the whole body and treatment will aim at restoring flow of chi in meridians or pathways that run along the body.
Shiatsu is a recent discipline, recognized in Japan in 1964, but based on ancient Chinese concepts of yin and yang and the theory of the five elements (yearly cycles of energy changes with the seasons) and Japanese Zen principles.
The aim is to offer a space for the receiver where their energy can express, feel supported and be helped to strengthen.

There are different sorts of Shiatsu.
Marie trained with Master Ohashi in the US, and then at the British School of Shiatsu in London (BSS). BSS has a mixed influence of Traditional Chinese Philosophy and Japanese principles (Masunaga,Zen Shiatsu and Namikoshi, Macrobiotics).

See what Shiatsu is like (video credit British School of Shiatsu) :

  • Why Sound?

Being a member of the Shiatsu Society we are committed to keep learning additional skills and I was always interested in sound. I come from a family of music lovers and performers and I learned different langages and lived outside my homeland. Every sense is important to me and stimulating all 5 senses is key. But Sound is my favorite one. as I enjoy its vibration qualities.  We human beings are made of Sound and vibration (In the beginning there was the word, and the word became flesh…Gospel of StJohn)
I acquired a pair of tuning forks and started to play with them and the accupuncture points before training with Soma Energetics. I attended regular workshops with Chloe Goodchild founder of the Naked Voice, helping people find their original voice.

My shiatsu sessions incorportate tuning forks, chanting Tibetan Bowls, and singing exercises, so I call it Sound Shiatsu !

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