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In this exercise section we will offer a series of stretches that will stimulate your vitality according to the meridians and seasons and we will start with winter and the kidney/bladder pair. these stretches can be performed at any time of the year and can be beneficial in their season or at other times of the year. in a sound shiatsu session we can practise them together.

source :Mind your Body A.Scott & S. Wale

Sit with your legs together stretched out in front of you. Spread your buttocks so you are sitting on your sitting bones. Breathe in and lift your arms above your head, stretching the spine upwards. As you breath out bend forward from the hips, keeping the spine straight and pulling toes back  towards you. At the comfortable maximum stretch, allow your head to drop forward and hold this position for a few moments, then inhale as you slowly sit upright.



Repeat with a complementary stretch where you sit upright and, whilst keeping the back straight, you push away from you with the heel of the left hand across to the right foot, then with the heel of the right hand across to the left foot, alternating several times in a gentle easy rythm.

When you repeat the meridian stretch you will notice improved flexibility.

Sit with your legs spread apart as wide as possible and spread your buttocks to sit on your sitting bones. Breathe in and stretch your spine upwards then bend forwards from the hips as you exhale keeping the spine straight. Return to the starting position.

Now lift the arms above the head and bend to the right side as you breathe out, sliding the right arm down the leg and keeping the left arm stretched above the head. do not twist the body. feel the stretch on the inside of the thighs and down the flanks. Slowly return to starting position and repeat this stretch to the left, and then the whole sequence three times.

Complementary stretch : Begin as above legs apart and twist left and right. Start on the side that feels easier by twisting round to that side and place both hands on the floor and bend the leg at he knee to bring the heel close to the groin.Stretch the straight leg and turn the foot inwards as if to touch the floor with the big toe. Hold the stretch a few seconds whilst breathing gently then release. Repeat three times and then do the same on the other side.