Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to be ill to receive Shiatsu ?

    No, people can receive Shiatsu for relaxation. It can be good to have Shiatsu at the change of seasons as our vitality changes and may be more challenged at different times of the year.

  • Can I receive Shiatsu whilst on medication ?

    Yes of course. I will ask for your medical history and take details of medical conditions you are suffering from. But a shiatsu session does not replace a visit to your doctor.

  • Can I receive Shiatsu if I am pregnant ?

    Yes, in fact I have taken a special short training class on pregnancy and I have worked with several women all through their pregnancy. It is particularly good in the second and third trimester when the baby moves and grows and when the mother experiences pressure, swelling and uneasiness with her growing body. And Marie will show exercises to do to bring relaxation.

  • What do I wear for a session ?

    You were loose (or tight) comfortable covering clothes, warm if possible, as when you relax your body temperature tends to drop.

  • How long does a session last ?

    The work with the body lasts up to 60 minutes, there is generally a few minutes discussion before to see the expectations from the session and after and Marie may show some exercises to do at home so count 1h30 to be safe, however it can be shorter if it is more convenient for you.

  • Can I eat before a session ?

    It is better to avoid eating a meal or eating altogether at least an hour before the session for better comfort and result, and certainly avoid drinking alcohol before a session.

  • What should I expect from a session ?

    You should expect to feel whole and relaxed as you will have breathed deeper and the treatment is comparable to a massage with a stimulation of the skin and of the repairing of the body, it is recommended to allow time to rest (if possible) to allow the treatment effects to continue longer.

  • How does Shiatsu compare with massage ?

    Shiatsu is similar to massage in that there is touch on the body with different techniques of pressure on accu-points and stretches around the limbs and joints and with a result of relaxation but you remain fully clothed and it is more than massage because it stimulates the whole energy around the body, not just around one or more joints.

  • How does Shiatsu  work ?

    I will ask what you expect from the session and my diagnosis will be based on visual and touch assessment, then I may ask more questions, ask you to direct your breathing or attention to a particular area of the body or get feedback during the session. You may close your eyes to get better feel of what is happening, and we remain silent unless there is a need to talk. I will perform pressure, stretches, rotations of joints, in order to bring back harmony and an even flow of vitality in your body. I will adjust the pressure if there is any discomfort as it should be kept to a beneficial level for you.

  • I cannot lie on the floor, can I still get Shiatsu ?

    Yes of course, I have a special Body cushion to adjust to pregnant women or for more comfort of anyone, and if it is impossible to lie on the floor, we can work on a massage table, in a chair, wheelchair, or on a hospital bed.

  • Is Shiatsu healing ?

    Shiatsu assists healing, and brings a sense of safe space for the receiver’s energy to heal and restore its natural balance. The practitioner’s touch will help you to contact your habilities for self-healing.
    It is different from reiki or spiritual healing that use ‘laying on of hands’ to channel healing energy. You can sometimes feel as if you are given energy from somewhere and I involve my energy but we work with both my and your vitalities by stimulating them.