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Stressé.ee, bloqué.ee, des douleurs tenaces ? Do you experience stress, pain, blockages ?

Du mal à digérer, respirer, dormir ? Do you have trouble digesting, sleeping or conceiving ?

Vous vivez une situation difficile ? vous avez du mal avec le changement des saisons ? Are you are going through a difficult time ? Do you find the change of seasons difficult ?

Vous voulez essayer une nouvelle thérapie ? Or do you simply want to try another body therapy ?

5 elements sound shiatsu
We can help !

SHIATSU   en japonais veut dire pression avec les pouces (is Japanese for fingers pressure)
Basé sur les principes de la médecine chinoise multi millénaire 5Yin et Yang, Théorie des Cinq Elements) et le concept de Ki, chi ou energie. It is based on multimillenial principles of Chinese Medicine (of Yin and Yang and Five Elements) and the concept of Ki or Energy.

It is a complementary approach to health (not an alternative).
Shiastsu takes the subject as a whole, with a focus on providing a safe environment for their vitality to express and get freed.

SOUND, vibration is what we humans are made of.

SOUND SHIATSU will introduce pure vibration played with metal (tuning forks and Tibetan bowls) and wood instruments (chimes).
These sounds are produced in your aura or directly on your body, with the intention to tune you body, raise its frequency and harmonize its vibration

Is it for you ?

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