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portrait marie Geller Sound shiatsu london

Originally from France, I have lived in London with my husband and son since 2002. I studied Shiatsu at the British School of Shiatsu-Do (BSS) for 4 years and graduated in 2008. I have been a Member Registered of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS) since 2005.

I first encountered Shiatsu in Hong Kong receiving from Les Mc Clure and started to learn taichi and meditation with him. I then moved to New York City and studied with Oashi Sensei. In England I learned with Sonia Moriceau, Adam Hellinger, Kate Burford and Susan Van Elmpt.

Shiatsu helped me cope with the difficulty to conceive and to adapt to living in different cities around the world.

I studied using tuning forks with David Hulse of Soma Energetics and found it was a powerful addition to touch, and I developped Sound Shiatsu.

My interests are in helping people to reconnect with their vitality and give them tools to maintain well-being, and to help them go through difficult times, change or dis-ease.

Being a member of the Shiatsu Society one has a commitment to Continued Professional Development and I enjoy learning in workshops about NLP, clean langage, meditation and singing and sometimes organizing them for teachers.

Shiatsu is a way of life and in order to be good practitioner I try to practise what I recommend (chi gong, taichi, do-in, meditation) and I stay open to keep learning.


  • Testimonials

Thank you for this first session, I feel that I am still on my little cloud. You are talented, thumbs up !Christian


All the tension in my cervical vertebrae were gone after the session ! I also felt an overall sense of wellbeing… I will be happy to call for another session in the future ! Laurence


“Thank you for the infos you sent me and thank you for our last session, it was pure bliss ! See you soon…” Marie



I just wanted to say thank you for my treatment this week – I really enjoyed it and have certainly felt the benefit – I had a horrid headache that evening and felt wiped out – so just surrendered and went to bed ! The following morning I woke to no pain in my hands and they felt so much better. Thank you ! Sophie


I was suffering with depression and had regular shiatsu sessions with Marie. I have felt instant wellbeing and the effects are long lasting !
Talking during the session and working with breathing are both helping energy flow better. Marie listens and gives good advice. Gail


Destiny put Marie on my path of life at a challenging time and she offered to try a shiatsu session. Thanks to her ehthusiasm and her listening skills I was able to start self reflecting. Shiatsu is an ancient practise that I found enjoyable and relaxing. It helped me learn about the world and my place within it. Amélie


I have had Sound Shiatsu treatments with Marie and the meridian work of shiatsu is very well complemented by the use of tuning forks, chimes and singing bowls. The whole experience is very supportive and leads the nervous system to deeply relax which has been very supportive in helping me keep my energy levels up in my day to day life.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to release stress, feel more energised and consequently keep healthy. Maria


A soundshiatsu session is a soothing, healing and energetic sensory experience.

You bathe in a lovely essential oil diffusion, the music is soft in the background, the touch is delicate and pinpoint. Marie works up and down along the energy pathways and helps free the blocked points. Someone I trust takes care of me, I feel happy !
At the end of a session. I feel invigorted from head to toe when Marie applies her tuning forks to the sides of my spine. Merci! Véronique